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Summer Toy Festival

Summer Toy Festival is the continuous success of the Toy Festival franchise which took place previously in Riyadh in 2019 and 2021.

The festival celebrated all kinds of toys which engaged and entertained different age groups and families by immersive and diverse activities and provided the best entertainment shows from international live shows to engaging parades as well as popular influencers.

The event was a magical hub that gathered top international toys and cartoon brands and brought together 48 IPs for the first time in Jeddah. Moreover, it secured the participation of over 18 IP owners and toys distributors in a one of a kind festival on a regional and a global level.
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Riyadh Toy Festival 2

Riyadh Toy Festival is the first toys festival of its kind in the world that combines entertainment, toys’ releases and retail areas. The event was held in Riyadh Season with the support of the General Entertainment Authority in KSA and the participation of more than 30 IP owners and toy distributors and more than 50 international brands in addition to the biggest toys retailers in the world.

The uniqueness of the event was the release of 13 new toys for the first time in the world and +500 for the first time in KSA. All 13 global releases were launched during the event by famous international and local influencers driving to the event extra huge publicity.

The event was attended by + 100K people throughout the 8 days and several members of the Saudi Royal Family who were very satisfied with all the entertaining elements of the event.
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Toy Festival

Taking fun to the next level. Entertainment enthusiasts and fun-seekers are promised the time of their life! Explore a gaming utopia that you will miss elsewhere! Riyadh Season brings you the largest gaming exhibition the world ever witnessed, for you to experience the most famous games in the world.
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National Day Events

The celebration of the 92nd Saudi National Day was planned by Al Nahla Group and hosted SAMACO Toys & Leisure

The theme was showcasing the diverse traditional Saudi cultures. It included folk games and a variety of cuisines from around the Kingdom.
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