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Jumputty – Can – Assorted


CRAZE Jumputty – Intelligent super putty! We worked day and night at CRAZE and our creative minds smoked more than once… But as avowed hobby professors we didn’t give up, let the kettles boil in our experimental kitchen and lo and behold: it was worth it!
Craze magic dough putty fantastic putty glow in the dark metallic bright colour change and as voluntary product testers, we are more than enthusiastic ourselves. True to the motto ‘FANTASTIC, MAGICAL, INSANE’, we have created the intelligent super clay that doesn’t use high-quality materials, a little bit of magic and extremely cool special effects such as glitter, glow-in-the-dark, metallic or colour change is only incredibly elastic and malleable, but also runs, cracks and bounces like a bouncy ball. But just elastic and malleable wasn’t enough for us – that’s why our intelligent super putty is not only indestructible, but also absolutely odourless, never dries out and does not leave any traces.




3+ Years

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