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Original Classic Classic Pizza Tossin’ Raphael Figure


Pizza Oven Pizza Launcher, Six Pizza Pie Discs, Sauce Splatterin’ Gun, Tomato Sauce Sai, Overcooked Crosshairs Eye Sight, Saucy Pizza Belt Don’t bother lookin’ to see what’s inside, cuz Pizza Tossin’ Raph’s ready to shoot out a deluxe combo! That’s right! This pizza propellin’ party pal’s got an extra large lunch just waitin’ to launch at those filthy Foot fools. Slip the sauce-soaked pies into the pizza oven pizza launcher – and Raph’s ready to rifle ‘em out, pipin’ hot and slicin’ good. No Foot can withstand a pizza pummelin’ when Raph’s lookin’ through his overcooked crosshairs eye sight; he’s zeroed in and on target with his fresh ingredients.




3+ Years

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